EMF Shielding Paint


Why should I protect myself & my family?
ELECTROSMOG is noiseless, odourless and harbours many invisible dangers if the radiation exposure is too high…

Electrosmog is the term used to describe electromagnetic fields that surround us – humans, animals and also plants – completely and everywhere in our immediate environment.
and plants – in the immediate vicinity. Low electromagnetic impulses naturally control the biological processes in the human body.
processes in the human body. Artificially generated electromagnetic radiation, on the other hand, interferes with biological
biological processes – especially in young and sensitive people. Above all, square-wave pulses with high transmission frequencies are
frequencies are emitted that do not occur in nature. Considerable disturbances for the human organism
are very likely and represent an incalculable health risk.


WHO: Electrosmog carcinogenic. Source:
EU study DNA damage from electrosmog. Source:REFLEX Studie
European Union warns against electrosmog. Source:
The dangerous, invisible electrosmog. Source:
Electromagnetic fields are among the main environmental risk factors for leukaemia. Source: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

How can EMF-TURTAL shielding paint protect you?

Independently measured and tested to military standards! 99.9999 % shielding.

EMF-TURTAL is an electrically conductive basecoat developed for professional protection against electromagnetic radiation. EMF-TURTAL shielding paint was specially designed for broadband protection, reflects high-frequency radiation and
reliably deflects low-frequency fields (domestic current).

All shielding values of EMF-TURTAL shielding paint have been measured and determined according to military standards.
EMF-TURTAL shielding paint demonstrably protects you from incoming electromagnetic radio waves such as 4G (LTE), 5G, 6G,
W-LAN, DECT, TETRA radio and all other high-frequency radio signals.

Professor Pauli is the leading scientist in this field in Germany and lecturer at the Bundeswehr Munich
for microwave and radar technology. EMF-TURTAL was independently tested by this expert in the laboratory of the German Federal Armed Forces for its
shielding values and attenuation properties. (See expert opinion by Prof. Pauli) > (independent expert opinion)


The test result in the Bundeswehr laboratory proves that EMF-TURTAL, even with thin layers of only
100g / m2 is already so effective that incoming high-frequency radiation is reflected by up to 99.9999 %.


The advantages of EMF-Turtal.
Free of chemical preservatives, without solvents, easy to work with.

The advantages of EMF-TURTAL PLV are, among other things, its fast drying time and pleasant, carefree working without chemical solvents or preservatives – which makes our PLV product very low in emissions and odours. Since EMF-TURTAL PLV has to be mixed with water by the end-user to make it ready for use, we are able to set our end-user price favourably – with the highest raw material quality. Since we rely on innovative technology, the broadband shielding properties of EMF-TURTAL PLV are at the highest level. We deliberately avoid chemical solvents, preservatives and antifreeze. Another advantage is that EMF-TURTAL PLV is not susceptible to frost and can also be shipped in winter without any problems. The lower volume and weight of the packaging unit keeps shipping costs slim and protects the environment.

After shielding electrosmog with EMF-Turtal, a before-and-after effect can also be verified for the user by means of individual biofield analysis, with EEG, kinesology and radiesthesia.
By shielding, the electrosmog can be reduced to a possible minimum, so that the cells (+ mitochondria) are negatively charged again and can work properly.
As a result of the restoration of optimal cell voltage (-70 mV), the body’s own energies in the cell nucleus can be reactivated and thus brought into balance in a natural way.

Have you already decided to live electrosmog-free and to feel completely comfortable at home again?

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Easy to apply, simple to paint.

The EMF-TURTAL PLV paint series is very easy to mix and process by the customer himself using a stirrer,
has good, high-yield coating properties and efficient broadband shielding attenuation performance.
The base coat for blocking EMF radio radiation (HF to NF) can be easily applied with a paint roller like conventional wall paint.
is low-emission, breathable, largely smudge-proof and can be applied with conventional wall paints after a relatively short drying time.
can be easily painted over with conventional wall or facade paints after a relatively short drying time.
and earthing is no longer visible after painting your walls with the colour of your choice. EMF-TURTAL PLV is a harmless
EMF-TURTAL PLV is a harmless, low-odour shielding paint that contains no chemical additives such as solvents, preservatives or biocides.
or biocides. The EMF-TURTAL paint series can also be processed in a shorter period of time due to its rapid drying time.
than other comparable liquid shielding paints on the market.

No matter whether mobile phone masts from outside, the W-LAN from the neighbour, DECT cordless phones, or mobile phones etc. … all these
devices emit square-wave pulses with high frequencies. EMF-TURTAL offers a highly effective remedy through proven
EMF protection through reflection and conduction. This is because EMF-TURTAL effectively blocks electromagnetic radiation exposure by up to
99.9999% and diverts low-frequency fields from the house current via earth. EMF-TURTAL shielding paint contributes by
simply by painting a double layer of protective paint on your interior or exterior facades, you can help to reduce the
unwanted electrosmog simply outside. This means that people living in rooms shielded with EMF-TURTAL can be
shielded by EMF-TURTAL can be significantly relieved of radio radiation.

Why not liquid?
Beware when buying paints, toxic biocides are often used for preservation.

Unlike EMF-TURTAL in powder form, it is NOT possible to do without preservatives in the production of ready-made liquid paints. The biocide isothiazolinone in dispersion paints is a cause for concern. Preservatives such as isothiazolinones protect water-based paints and varnishes from microbial infestation and thus from spoilage.

“Without preservatives, about a third of paints would spoil in a short time in the bucket, even before they reach the consumer.
For most water-based paints, therefore, preservation is the only sensible way to protect them from microbial infestation.”

This can be read on the homepage of the Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry (VdL):

Isothiazolinones have undesirable effects in addition to the desired effect of killing or controlling the growth of microorganisms.
For example, they have a high aquatic toxicity.

Frequently used isothiazolinones are:

Benzisothiazolinone (BIT) classified as a hazardous substance, belongs to the compound class of isothiazolinones and is a widely used biocide.

Enilconazole (INN) classified as a hazardous substance, is a systemic fungicide from the imidazole group.

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) classified as a hazardous substance, belongs to the compound class of isothiazolinones and is a widely used biocide.

Tip: Before buying shielding paint, always check the manufacturer’s technical data sheet.
All preservatives must be listed there in full!


The most important aspect of shielding paint is, of course, the shielding performance. This is realised with shielding paints through the reflection and attenuation of high-frequency emissions/radiation (HF).
Low-frequency fields (LF) from the building’s own mains are diverted by the earthing, whereby the conductive property of the shielding paint is used.

Both attenuation and shielding are expressed in decibels (dB). (See table on the left)

Some manufacturers advertise 90 dB or 100 dB for shielding paints – but without correctly specifying exactly how thick a layer is. The thickness of the layer should be stated in g/m2 – i.e. in grams per square metre per layer. This value tells the customer how much dry mass of paint is needed on one square metre – in order to actually obtain the stated shielding value.


At a coverage of 5 m² / litre / layer thickness approx. 150g/m².
Up to: One-layer 49 dB | Two-layer 65 dB

With a coverage of approx. 7 m² / litre / layer thickness approx. 100g/m²
Up to: One coat 36 dB | Two coats 58 dB | Three coats 65 dB

A regular coat with acrylic roller results in a layer thickness of approx. 100-150 g/m².


Easy to paint over!

A very important point with shielding paint is how well it can be painted over without mixing up the substrate again.

The adhesive strength of the shielding paint is decisive for this. If the shielding paint used adheres poorly or even chalks, it is almost impossible to paint over with white – or if so, then only at the expense of shielding performance.

If the shielding paint chalks – this means: When wiping the dry wall with the hand, graphite dust remains on the hand. A wall surface with loose graphite dust on it is very difficult to paint over with white, and it will wear away at the white material that is actually supposed to shield.

Make absolutely sure that the shielding paint has an adhesive tensile strength of at least 10 N/mm².
Otherwise the wall will not be white – but grey!

EMF-TURTAL has an adhesive tensile strength of 12 N/mm².

Before buying shielding paint, always consult the manufacturer’s technical data sheet. The adhesive tensile strength is stated there!

(independent expert opinion)

(technical leaflet)

(Instructions for use)